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Joshua Springs High School is the only secondary school in the Morongo Basin that has dual accreditation. We are fully accredited by WASC which is the same organization that the local public schools are accredited by and also by ACSI which is the largest Christian School accreditor in the world. Dual accreditation means we work twice as hard to continue to provide the finest education to our students and your child. Please visit the links below to learn more about this organizations.

WASC - Western Association of Schools and Colleges

ACSI - Association of Christian Schools International


Joshua Springs has a smaller student population than the bigger public high schools so we can offer smaller classrooms of 12-25 students rather than 35-45 or more in the public school classrooms. Ask any teacher, smaller classrooms promote a closer teacher-student relationship and higher learning. Starting with college prep classes in the 9th grade our goal is to move each student on to the next level of learning and that is why 95% of JSHS students have graduated since 1995, and go on to attend college. The current rate for public school graduation in California is 68% in comparison.                   

JSHS - Overview



High School Grades


9th – 12th



Average Enrollment (2013)


74 students






Library/Computer Center


Sports Court



Lightning Stadium



School Year


Aug 26, 2013– Jun 10, 2014



School Hours


Elementary   8:00 am-3:00 pm

Middle School    7:50 am- 2:50 pm

High School  7:45 am-3:05 pm


JSHS Culture  

The Joshua Springs campus is a safe environment for your child. Our campus is secured by fencing and we have a full time security person that roams our campus all day long. Because many of the students have attended Joshua Springs from grade school on up to high school, it gives each student a feeling of a family environment. All teachers have a great rapport with students and are always looking to improve their students' learning experience. There are many extracurricular activities available such as our top ranked football program that has been to the divisional state championship seven times in the last 10 years, winning in 2007, 2009 and 2010. Also, pep band, praise band, drum corps, cheer and seven other sports are available throughout the year.


Joshua Springs uses Bible-based curricula that helps students develop a God-centered view of life by presenting God's Word as the standard for all truth. The curriculum, taught by a qualified Christian faculty, allows parents to provide their children with solid academic instruction that builds upon the Christ-centered teaching that students receive at home and at church. Again because of our dual accreditation curriculum has to line up with the state standards required by WASC, Technology standards required by N.E.T.S and Biblical standards required by ACSI. To see a list of the current curriculum being used click Here. 

   Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

             Using biblical principles, we seek to build up young people in four areas: academically, spiritually, physically,           and socially as outlined in our ESLRs

  Attendance Policy

California State Law mandates that all children between the ages of 6 and 18 attend school unless they are exempted by law or have graduated from high school (E.C. 48200, E.C. 48400). Studies show a
(Revised 07/2013 cw) direct correlation between academic success and regular school attendance. Excessive absences may result in disciplinary action, such as a behavior contract, and academic failure. To ensure student success, students must be in class to receive valuable instruction and complete assignments.

Chapel Attendance Policy

Chapel is reserved to have special guests and programs for students. Student attendance is very important. All students are expected to bring their Bibles to chapel. Attendance in chapel will be reflected in the student’s Bible grade.

Absence Policy

A student is allowed up to 10 absences (excused or unexcused) per semester. Students with excessive absences may be placed on a behavior contract to encourage attendance and academic success. A student is considered absent from a class after 10 minutes. Four tardies is equivalent to one absence. Teachers may integrate participation points, based on attendance, to their grading system. Attendance is important. Excessive absences, whether work is due or not, will negatively impact your learning and your grades.

See the complete Attendance Policy in the School Handbook.

Traffic and Parking

Print this map to see the loading zones for elementary and secondary students


All students wear Joshua Springs Nunes brand uniforms.  Parents deal directly with Nunes apparel.   The Nunes traveling store visits the campus periodically for fitting and ordering, or parents can order online at the Nunes web sitePurple Joshua Springs logo T-shirts are also allowed and are sold in the school office.  Please read the school’s dress code before ordering.

Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT)              

                                    CollegeBoard for Students

As part of our secondary college-prep program, 7th and 8th graders are welcome to take the College Board Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test. The PSAT is practice for the college board Scholastic Aptitude Test that most colleges and universities require.